We have a NEW website!

Okay, it’s actually not all that new, just revamped with a fresh coat of paint, a little spit and polish, and a few new features. Take a scroll, check it out, and see what you think. My hope is that it is easy and intuitive to navigate, as well as provides all the info we and our guests might need in one place.

Little notes and tips!
Use the calendar feature to keep up with dates and events happening within the church. You can click on an event to find out if there are any notes, such as “Remember to bring sunscreen!” or who is providing dinner (ever forgotten what you signed up for?.. no, just me? well then… lol)
There are clickable buttons on various pages as well as one in Services that links to the Zoom meetings when active. This means you can join the Worship Service via Zoom from the website (if you wish! Nothing has changed about the current way of doing things, this is just another option to do the same thing). It also allows us to more easily welcome guests into our Christian groups.

The work is never completely done! If there is something you would like to see on the site let me know! While anything is possible, not everything is feasible but if it is I will try to make it happen. Remember, this is a business site for the Church first and foremost. The purpose is to allow everyone to know who we are, where we are, and extend the offer to join us and be welcome. That doesn’t mean the site can’t benefit our congregation as well. So with that in mind, just as we grow as a church, so too will our website develop with your help and recommendations.

Thank you and Welcome.
Megan Bormuth

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