About Us

2019-03-04_0023We are an Instrumental Church of Christ. Our location is 415 Bethel Road Morganton, NC 28655 Phone: (828) 438-9595

2019-03-04_0046Our Minister is Richard Via, Phone (828) 432-6166



Our Elders are Brad Buchanan, Kirk Larmon and Wayne Parsons

 Our Purpose:

The purpose of this congregation is to disciple every person into Christ. Our goal is to restore Christianity to its simplest state, as stated in the New Testament. By such Biblical Christian discipling, which consists of immersing in water each repentant believer and educating him/her in all the teachings of the Holy Bible, we maintain in our community a Church of Christ, which fellowships and labors according to those teachings, forsaking every denominational name, man-written creed, and any other barrier to Christian unity.